Mining Development

China Mining Investment Group Limited (CMIG) was incorporated in Hong Kong in February, 2002 with registered capital of US$50,000,000.00. CMIG initially issued one hundred million shares with US$0.50 value per share. CMIG merges private investment from Macao, the United States, the mainland of China, and Hong Kong. Baida Finance (Group) Co., Ltd., and the Energy Resources Development Fund of China are the major supporting institutes.  


CMIG is devoted to the development of the metallic mining industry. The primary target is the Mid-Western China. CMIG has strong interest in gold, silver, copper, Iron, manganese, chromium titanium, vanadium, lead, zinc, nickel, wolfram, tin, molybdenum, platinum, antimony, tantalum, rare earths, selenium, magnesium, and Cobalt mines.   


CMIG's operation includes acquisition, exploitation, processing, and trading. The trading operation of CMIG has extended from minerals, metals, and equipment trade to equity and capital transactions.   


CMIG offers services in mining investment, technology development, trade, exchange of information, training, human resources planning, exhibition, and management innovation. 


CMIG is committed to enhance the capital competitiveness and operating capability of the mining industry with her extensive connections with business, finance, banking, and securities sectors and her capability to attract investment.   


With years of efforts, CMIG has acquired a lot of mining resources and is independently running a large-scale vanadium mine in Shaanxi Province, China.  


Under the support of Baida Finance (Group) Co., Ltd and initiation of Mr. Ngai, CMIG proposes to establish Mongol Mining Bank in Mongolia to issue Mineral Bonds worldwide and to fully develop super large-sized mineral deposits and mining infrastructure.  


CMIG has established cooperative relations with some prominent mining organizations worldwide.