Key Partners


U.S.-China Friendship Association
China Chamber of Commerce, USA
Asset-Max, Inc, USA
World Enterprises Group, USA
US-China Intellectual Property Law Center, USA
James Mitchell Economist Ltd, USA
Duke International, LLC, USA
Triway Enterprise, Inc, USA
Famed Resources Financial Ltd, USA
Charlotte Square Capital Ventures, USA
Technology Venture Investment
FM Financial Management Co., Ltd., USA
LPL Financial Services Ltd, USA
Energy Research Association of China
China Society for Strategy and Management Research
Association of National Condition Research of China
China Energy Environmental-protection Science Research Institute
China Energy Conservation Association
Bank of China
Hang Seng Bank
Bank of Beijing
WOORI Bank, Korea
Jiannan Bank, Philippines
Bank of Communications, Hong Kong
Bangkok Bank, Thailand
Trade Development Bureau of Cambodia
Public Relationship Association of Taiwan
Investment Association of Taiwan
Woold Beauty Biotechnology Co., Ltd.
New Zealand Trade Development Board
The Arab Chamber of Commerce & Industry
EFG Group, Switzerland
International Commercial Cooperation Co., Ltd., Belgium
ATB Caldereria S.P.A., Italy
British International Trade Bureau
V Group International Consulting Co., Ltd., Germany
BNL Bank, Italy
RBS Bank
DBS Bank
UBS Bank
ANZ Bank
Central Bank of Mongolia
Unions General League The Republic of China
International Leaders Foundation
Straits Cooperation and Development Foundation
Chinese Society Culture Development Foundation
ORIX Asia Limited
GEV Investments (Hong Kong) Limited
Aii Wave A-V Systems Pvt. Ltd, India
Iron Ore New Zealand Limited
Tsagaan Shonkhor Holdings Ltd, Mongolia
Mongolia INVEX LLC
Sun Hung Kai Financial Group
League of Jewelry Dealers of Asia
Asia-Pacific Tourism Organization
Asia Pacific Advancing International Investment Group
China Rail Way Real Estate Group Co., Ltd
President Securities (Hong Kong) Ltd.
IFFCC Capital Partners Inc.